Top Hiking Tips for Your Stay in Kanab Accommodation
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Top Hiking Tips for Your Stay in Kanab Accommodation

Canyons Lodge is located in Kanab, Utah, in the heart of Southern Utah. This means that our Kanab accommodation is the perfect base camp for exploring the many national and state parks, and other outdoor destinations that the region has to offer.

One of the best ways to explore destinations like the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, Capitol Reef National Park, or Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park is by hiking. But if this is your first time hiking in the red rock deserts of the Southwest, there are a few things you should know before you hit the trails.

If you’re planning a stay in our Kanab accommodation, keep reading to learn some of the top hiking tips you need to know.

Always Hike with a Buddy

Perhaps the most important tip you could follow as a new hiker or a hiker new to the landscapes of Southern Utah is to always bring a buddy. No matter how short or safe you think a trail is, it's never a good idea to go it alone. Even seasoned, experienced hikers run into trouble. 

A trip or fall can leave you unable to walk back off the trail on your own. Unexpected weather could strand you in the wilderness. Snake bites and animal attacks might mean that help needs to come to you. If your cellphone is out of service or the battery dies, having a buddy along will be the only way you can reach that help.

A hiking buddy is more than just a safety feature though. While being alone with nature is definitely a rewarding experience, having a friend along can make every experience more fun.

Invite a friend or bring the family along for your stay in our Grand Canyon resort, and choose hiking trails that you will all be able to enjoy together.

Start Hydrating Before You Arrive

Much of Southern Utah, including Kanab, is known for its hot, sunny summers. Whether you’re used to the heat or not, it’s important to start preparing your body for the elements long before you arrive at our Capitol Reef and Bryce lodging.

As a general rule, an adult needs around a half liter of water for every hour of hiking. But if you’re taking on a challenging hike or the temperatures are high, you may need much more. Start hydrating a week before your trip with water and electrolyte beverages. WHile hiking, make sure to pack more water than you plan to need, just in case.

Practice Hiking at Home

Another thing you can do before you arrive at the best accommodations Grand Canyon has to offer is to practice hiking.

Hiking, like any sport, takes practice and dedication. You can’t hike once or twice and expect to build up the stamina and skills to take on a difficult trail, especially in the challenging landscapes of Southern Utah. Instead, hike as often as you can. Seek out local trails in your city. Take day trips to state parks or even national parks if they are close enough to you. 

If you can’t hike often enough to start building your endurance, you can also walk daily. Try to walk up and down hills or on uneven surfaces to mimic the feel of a trail. It’s also a good idea to go ahead and wear your hiking boots to start breaking them in--no one wants to get blisters while on the trail!

Learn Basic First Aid

From painful blisters to rolled ankles, hiking carries plenty of risks, both big and small. Luckily, most of the small ones are easy to treat on the trail, and you can often continue right on hiking afterward.

Rather than relying on your hiking buddy to treat you, it’s a good idea to learn some basic first aid before your first big hike. Learn how to treat blisters and bug bites, tape ankles, clean cuts, and how to spot the early signs of worse injuries, like broken bones or concussions. While you may not be able to treat these injuries on the trail, knowing what they look like will help you decide when it's time to turn back and seek help for you or your companion.

When you start packing for your stay in our Bryce Lodge, don’t forget to pack a small first aid kit that you can carry with you on the trail.

Leave No Trace

Hiking is a chance to experience nature in a way you simply can’t from a car or even an off-road vehicle. You’ll get to see stunning views, spot wildlife up close, check out the local flora, and more. Once you’ve experienced hiking, you’ll see just how special it can be. That’s why it’s important to make sure that others get to experience the same sights.

Leave no trace is the first rule of hiking etiquette. It means that you pack out all trash, never disturb the plants or wildlife, and do your best to minimize the effect you have on the landscape. As they say, “take only photographs, leave only footprints.”

Planning Your Hikes During Your Stay in Our Kanab Accommodation

Hiking is one of the best ways to see the sights during your stay in our Kanab accommodation. Canyons Lodge is located just a short drive from some of the region’s best national and state parks, which means that there are plenty of trails to choose from during your stay!

Looking for other ways to explore the region during your stay? Check out this list of the best scenic drives in the area next!


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