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Lake Powell Vacation

As your choice of Lake Powell lodging, the Canyons Lodge, a Kanab motel, will offer you an affordable stay in the middle of the Grand Circle. Within 60 miles of Lake Powell and other popular recreation areas of southern Utah, Kanab is the ideal location for your southern Utah vacation.

Lake Powell is the second largest man-made reservoir in the United States. Stretching some 186 miles long with nearly 2000 miles of shoreline, it is the ideal southern Utah vacation. There are  many different canyons and inlets to explore only accessible by water.

If sight-seeing is not your thing, then enjoy the warm 70 plus degree water (during the summer) while having a great time swimming, fishing, water skiing, hiking, and more. While a majority of the lake is located in southern Utah, a small portion of the lake is located in Northern Arizona along with the Glen Canyon Damn.  Lake Powell is more than 500 feet deep in some places and will be like no other Utah vacation.

After building the dam was completed in 1963, the Colorado river began to back and formed what is know known as Lake Powell (Glen Canyon National Recreation Area). This beautiful lake is unlike any other lake in the world, with its stunning deep canyons carved in sandstone; it is sure to be a memorable trip for your Utah family vacation.