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Coral pink sands Canyons Lodge in Kanab, Utah

Coral Pink Sand Dunes

Kanab is an ATV and canyoneering enthusiasts' paradise, boasting unparalleled recreation destinations such as Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park and Paria Canyon-Vermillion Cliffs Wilderness Area nearby. Coral Pink Sand Dunes boasts approximately 1,000 acres of crescent-shaped, salmon-colored dunes where off-road vehicle riders can have a heyday. In addition to these pink coral sand dunes, the surrounding area features hundreds of miles of ATV trails. Make the rustic, contemporary Canyons Lodge Inn your lodging headquarters while you explore the area's off-road opportunities.

Hikers who visit the Kanab area will enjoy Coral Pink's red sandstone cliffs and pinyon and juniper forests, as well as Paria Canyon's unparalleled slot canyons. Paria Canyon stretches 38 miles and includes some spots where hikers can touch both sides of the canyon wall with outstretched arms. In Paria, a Paiute Indian word meaning "muddy water," hikers must wade through "muddy waters" approximately 300 times and maneuver past many large boulders. The wilderness area is also a showcase of petroglyphs left by Pueblo Indians more than 700 years ago. Hikers venturing into the canyon should check at the visitor center for trail and weather information, because the area is susceptible to flash floods if heavy rain occurs. Paria Canyon is approximately 43 miles east of Canyons Lodge, an ideal lodging base camp for hiking in Kanab's surrounding area.